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Safety board

Working pressures of the muscles are limited to 4,5 bar in order to expand it's life time, while the supply pressure is up to 7 bar.

In normal conditions the microcontroller limits the pressure, but if the microcontroller fails and the pressure exceeds the 4,5 bar the supply pressure is turned off by the safety board which works independent from the microcontrollers. Closing of the supply pressure also happens whenever a power break-down occurs.

Also emergency buttons can be connected.

LEDs indicate where the error took place.

For calibrating the pressure sensors a pressure of 2 bars is delivered to the muscles. So the microcontroller can choose between no pressure, 2 bar or 7 bar.


Connections for:

Emergency Button ą

from muscles ą

signal for calibration valve from microcontroller ą

Connections for:

ß emergency button

ß from muscles

ß signal for supply pressure valve from microcontroller

   Safety board



Calibration Valve ą

Supply Valve ą

Safety Board with Emergency Button ą

ß Power Supply for Valves (5 volt and 36V)

Power Supply for:
- Microcontroller (5 V)
- Pressure Sensors (12 V)
- Calibration and Supply Valve (24V)

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