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Electronic design

The applied control has two levels: a high level controller for the complete system and a low level controller for each joint, locally implementing the high level decisions. The high level controller produces the trajectories of the different joints from the dynamical model of the robot and runs on a PC. The low level controller has input and output tasks consisting of reading both position and pressure sensors and regulating the pressures in both muscles in order to follow the desired trajectories.

Schematic Overview of the Electronic ControlScheme>
Overview of the Electronic Control Hardware>

The complete set-up will have seven 16-bit microcontrollers of which six controllers used for the six different joints and the seventh micro-controller is responsible for measuring additional information such as groundforces and absolute position of the body.

An extra 8-bit micro-controller (EZ-USB FX2) is used for communication between the seven microcontrollers on the robot and PC.



Safety Board

Speed-up circuit

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