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Other interesting robots

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University links

        The Robotics and Multibody Mechanics Research Group

        Faculty Applied Sciences

        Vrije Universiteit Brussel


        Innodreams.TV: Icon Bram Vanderborght and biped Lucy

Catalogues of walking machines


Clawar The purpose of CLAWAR is to investigate and report upon all aspects of technology and systems relating to mobile robotics.

Android World

Plyojump.com databank with the most important bipeds


Robots.net Place to read the latest news about robots

The Walking Machine Catalogue Collection of the walking robots in the world.


Robot HavenThis site is dedicated to news, information and discussion about robots.


        BARt-UH (Bipedal Autonomous Robot - Universität Hannover)

        Bipop team

        Biped Robot 'Monroe' (Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)

        Delft Bio-robotics Laboratory

        Cornell Univ. (lab of Andy Ruina)

        Mobile Learning Robots (KULeuven)

        JOHNNIE (Technische Universität München)

        Asimo (Honda)

        QRIO (Sony)

        MIT Leg Laboratory

        The Shadow Robot Company

        Waseda-Leg No.16

        WABIAN-2(LL) (WAseda BIpedal humANoid - 2 Lower Limb)

        Open PINO Platform

        Hoap (fujitsu)

        HRP-2 (AIST)

        Partner Robot (Toyota)

        Kenken (Emura lab)

        NimbRo - Learning Humanoid Robots

        Autonomous bipedal walking humanoid soccer contest robot VisiON

        Hubo KHR-2 (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology/KAIST)

        Chroino (Kyoto University)

        Toddler (MIT)

        Humanoid robot RX

        Bipedal robot of University of Linz


        H7 - Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory, University of Tokyo

Other interesting robots


Anty Foundation

Anty is an intelligent, autonomous robot toy that interacts with long-term hospitalised children. Its goal is to amuse those children and let them forget their difficult moments in the hospital.

Royal Military Academy: Unmanned Ground Vehicles Centre

Events with robots

Robocup 2004

Robot Project AICHI 2005 (Japan) The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition will conduct a Robot Project at EXPO 2005. The project will feature working robots that clean, patrol, guide visitors, and perform other tasks, as well as prototype robots.

ROBOlympics returns to San Francisco, March 24-27, 2005! Robot soccer, sumo-bots, combat robots, walking robots, talking robots, and home-made creations. The event will be even bigger with over 50 events - This will be the largest gathering of competition robots in world history!

Robocup 2005 is preparing an exciting programme to highlight the world champion teams in the RoboCupSoccer leagues (humanoid, middle-size, small-size, 4-legged, and simulation), the RoboCupRescue leagues (real and simulated robots), and the RoboCupJunior leagues (dance, soccer, and rescue), along with the 9th International RoboCup Symposium (registration required).

Robocup 2006 will be held at the Bremen Fair Center. RoboCup is an international initiative to promote research in Artifical Intelligence, autonomous mobile robotics, and related fields. In parallel with the "original" Soccer World Championship, the 10th RoboCup World Championship will take place in Germany for the first time.

Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organised either in student projects or in independent clubs.

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