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What is new?

Here you find the links to the last updates of the site:

14/05/2007: Public PhD Defence of Bram Vanderborght: 25.5.2007

12/04/2006: New compilation video of some amazing robots Compilation video robot edition 2006

12/04/2006: New movie of Lucy walking at 0.11m/s movie biped Lucy

7/03/2006: His Majesty King Albert II visits Robotics lab of Vrije Universiteit Brussel

23/11/2005: Altacro and biped Lucy on Euronews

3/11/2005: Video of Lucy walking on a treadmill

16/08/2005: Compilation movie of the most important robots we have seen so far: Compilation movie robots

06/06/2005: Pictures Belgian Kids' Day 2005: Belgian Kids Day 2005

13/05/2005: There is a new movie of Lucy walking: Movies

06/04/2005: The jury of the "Altran Foundation for Innovation Award 2005" has short-listed our project "ALTACRO" amongst the 6 finalists from the 110 projects submitted. more info

24/03/2005: New article about robot Lucy in Dutch Lucy in the Press

14/02/2005: Dissertation about biped LUCY of Björn Verrelst available @ Publications

24/01/2005: Björn Verrelst will defend his PhD on Friday 25th February 2005. more info

13/01/2005: New article about robot Lucy in Dutch Lucy in the Press

13/01/2005: New article about robot Lucy in French Lucy in the Press

16/11/2004: New article about robot Lucy and the pneumatic muscles Lucy in the Press

28/10/2004: Real time dynamic simulations of Lucy were added which the user can download! Real time dynamic simulations

27/10/2004: Lucy in the press has been updated Lucy in the press

14/10/2004: Promotion video for science festival is online! Promotion movie Vlaams Wetenschapsfeest 2004

14/10/2004: UPV will visit our lab: Popular Events

5/10/2004: Björn will give an explanation about robots on the Flemish Kids Channel: "Ketnet": Lucy @ Vlaams Wetenschapsfeest 2004

09/2004: An article about the special legs of Lucy in the popular Dutch science magazine "KIJK": Lucy in the Press

17/09/2004: There is a new paper online, presented at the IEEE Mechatronics & Robotics 2004 conference: Publications

10/09/2004: There is a new movie of Lucy performing the airwalk: Movies

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